Sir Arran

  • Agility: Fair
  • Stamina:Fair
  • Strengh:Good
  • Perception:Fair
  • Wits:Fair
Church Etiquette Fair Court Etiquette Mediocre Detect Lies Good Archery Fair
Brawling Fair Riding Good Warfare Good Training Fair
Heraldry Fair Leadership Good Sword Supurb Shield Great
Lance Good Tactics Good Fighting Blind Fair Read Opponent Fair
Dodging Good Climbing Mediocre Literate Mediocre Jousting poor
Cameraderi Poor
Gifts and Flaws

Elderly, Blunt and Outspoken, Deep Sleeper

Fudge points:21

Experience x 2 Well Traveled


A veteran of many wars, Arran has brought his sword arm to conflicts across the 11 Kingdoms. His last liege died, in bed, of old age and his heir, a daughter married into another family. Owing no vows to them and feeling times hand begin to weigh him down he sought a new purpose and prehaps a need to burnish his soul and so joined the nascent Order of St Xavier. He does not fear death, rather he fears an inactive and useless life.

Sir Arran

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